Mumbai (Wirednewsengine Report): Bollywood could not distance itself from the current Muslim hatred that has gripped the West. Creating a movie that can once again project Muslims as terrorists Jag Mundhra crafted an Bollywood movie to ‘Shoot on Sight’ that tells a story of war waged by the fundamentalists against the ‘oppressors’.  “Is it a crime to be a Muslim”

The movie filmed in UK revolves around an honest Muslim policeman’s nephew who turned into a terrorist resulting from a mistake by the police who shot a Muslim, suspecting him to be a terrorist.

The central idea of the film revolves around the London bombing in 2005, July 7. The film which surrounds the life of the Scotland Yard cop, Tariq Ali (played by Naseer-ud-din Shah) who is married to a British lady. The officer is assigned the task of investigating the killing of Muslim terrorist in London. Just to find out that his nephew, who lives with him terrorists plans are carried out right from his own residence.

Om Puri, Gulshan Grover and Naseer have done justice to their roles in “Shoot on Sight”. It is a serious movie that may have restricted viewers who have to taste for serious cinema.

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