Fitness Author Helped Rock Star Return To Stage

BLOOMINGTON, IN – May 20, 2009 /PRAvenueNW/ — Kris Gebhardt, published author and fitness expert, believes in second chances. He has seen real life- changing results with his program, and is now “talking openly” about his success in turning the lives around for Grammy- winning rock star, John Mellencamp, and Forbes richest member billionaire businessman, William A. Cook.

Gebhardt wanted to really test his training program and prove beyond a doubt that it works. He states, “After ten years the proof is certain – and can’t be argued – it works! Consider what it did for these guys. My program defies conventional beliefs and practices, and would not be accepted by many health care professionals…but of course, the proof is in the pudding.”

Mellencamp, who suffered a heart attack in the early nineties, called on Gebhardt to help. The 40-million album selling, Grammy-winning singer needed to rehab his heart, get his body fit, and get a clean bill of health so he could get back on the road and continue his career as a rock star. Gebhardt worked with Mellencamp for six years and accompanied him on three worldwide concert tours. The program worked, and Mellencamp was able to continue living his dream in the music world.

Another example of an amazing recovery with Gebhardt’s program is William A. Cook, an entrepreneur, philanthropist and historic preservationist. When at age 68, this Forbes 400 richest member, who ranked with a net worth of $5 billion, had to be emergency-flown back to the United States after suffering his third heart attack. The diagnosis was grim, a death sentence. Doctors told him there was nothing more medicine could do; he needed to get his affairs in order!
But once again, Gebhardt’s program intervened, and Cook survived this life-threatening ordeal.

Gebhardt began working with the billionaire, and soon after Cook was back on his feet – running his empire, developing businesses, designing yachts, preserving historic landmarks and traveling around the world. Recently, Cook and Gebhardt celebrated their 10th year working together.

“Cook, now at age 78, is in the best shape of his life and works full time, often showing up at the office at 4am,” states Gebhardt.

About Kris Gebhardt: Twenty-four years ago, Kris Gebhardt was the poster boy for “overweight and washed up.” With no special training or advanced education, and armed only with the desire to change, Gebhardt developed his winning training program. Using the principles that he shares in his books, Gebhardt shed 70 lbs, completely rebuilt his body and reinvented himself as a confident, super fit and successful individual.

The author of five books, including “OVERHAUL: Reinvent, Remake and Rebuild Yourself” (GCI PRESS ISBN 1-891947-06-0), he has been officially recognized by Senator Richard Lugar, and named one of the “Top 40 Under 40” business performers for 2003 by IBJ Magazine. He has coached many high-profile clients including rock stars, billionaires, supermodels and Fortune 500 CEOs. He has also trained the cast of the Tony and Emmy Award-winning Broadway show, “Blast!”

Kris Gebhardt and wife, Angela, are the brains and force behind the two world class spas and three fitness facilities at French Lick Resort Casino, a $400 million historic restoration and casino development project.

The couple also combines talents in photography, painting and creating fine art figure/body productions. Their works are published in books and sold at their gallery with the desire to promote body awareness, inspiration, and healthy well-being.

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Dateline: May 19, 2009 … Bloomington, IN
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