/EINPresswire.com/ Chicago, IL – May 7, 2010 — The current topic in Chicago being covered by the media is the fact that several large shows are leaving McCormick Place for other cities. Show Biz USA is very proud of the proposed changes that the MPEA Board plans to institute at McCormick Place and Navy Pier. However, these Union labor changes do NOT benefit the exhibitor, as it relates to freight handling, but only the General Contractor producing the show. The General Contractor reaps the benefit of the reduced costs and crew size, but the exhibitor’s freight charges remain the same. The General Contractor does not pass this savings along to the exhibitor.

Show Biz USA has come up with a solution to bring these shows back to McCormick Place and Navy Pier by greatly reducing the exhibitor’s freight bill, which is better than 50% of their final bill. As outlined in our plan, the exhibitor would realize a TREMENDOUS savings in their freight costs. EXAMPLE: A trailer load of freight charged to the exhibitor by the General Contractor to unload their freight and deliver it to their booth is anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000, round trip. The actual Teamster Union labor cost to the General Contractor is $750, for a 3-man crew and forklift, round trip. As you can see, the price difference is astounding! We estimate the savings to the exhibitor would range anywhere from 35% to 50% of what they are currently paying. Remember..the savings is based on hundred weight charges…not hourly charges. The Unions are a very small cost by comparison to what is being charged by the General Contractor.

Show Biz USA is hoping to become the recommended Freight Contractor for McCormick Place and Navy Pier, so we can implement this Freight Cost Reduction Strategy and not only bring these shows back to Chicago, but attract other shows to Chicago when show management realizes the wonderful opportunity to offer their exhibitors such an unbelievable freight savings.

For more information on our plan, please contact Michael P. Hogan, Sr.at (847) 577-2500 .We have a 17 page full analysis of our plan, which we can supply to you. We have already done a presentation to the MPEA members.