Greendix’s Proprietary Custom Shaped Solar Panels Allows this Breakthrough Solar ApplicationĀ 

Los Angeles, Calif., June 21, 2010 — Greendix, a fast rising supplier of custom solar panels, has developed the world’s first solar-powered football. Sonelis Technologies handles supply and distribution in the Americas (N. and S. America) for Greendix’s exciting solar product line.

Greendix’s joins the global football craze with the world’s first solar-powered football. The traditional black pentagonal-shaped leather patches, which make a football instantly recognizable, are replaced with solar cells of the same size and shape. This design breakthrough is possible thanks to Greendix’s proprietary technology to custom shape solar panels.
These football prototypes emit a tracking sound every time they get kicked. The solar panels power the advanced built-in motion sensors and audio device, which could one day enable visually impaired people play football.

Joseph Lin, President of Greendix commented, “These solar footballs were created to celebrate the current World Cup and demonstrates that solar panels can be integrated into objects such as balls. The main goal of this project was to prove that solar panels can be integrated into any object that we interact with on a daily basis and to push the limits of what is possible with solar panels”

Michael Yu, Director of Technology at Sonelis Technologies added, “We hope this solar football will strike the imagination of designers everywhere as solar power can now be seamlessly integrated into any imaginable device. In the future, footballs could be integrated with other sensor or LEDs and get their power from the sun. “

About Greendix:

Greendix is a Taiwan based company leader in the design and supply of custom solar panels for the OEM/ODM market. Greendix designs and manufactures advanced custom shaped and colored solar panels with their innovative proprietary and patented cutting process. Additional information about the company is available on the web at

About Sonelis Technologies:

Sonelis Technologies is based in Los Angeles, CA and specializes in the design and distribution of custom solar solutions.

Additional information about the company is available on the web at

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