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On Wednesday, January 25th, 2012 Birdman boasted on Twitter that he was going to bet $5 million dollars on Tom Brady and the New England Patriots because his brother’s son, Green-Ellis, played for the team. The boast lead to articles being posted on sites including Yahoo! Sports.

Birdman, the hip-hop artist that often claims to have bets ranging from $1-$5 million on events like an NBA game or the Super Bowl, often boasts about such betting exploits but rarely has proof that the bets were ever taken. Speculation suggests that he is simply employing exaggeration and excessive hyperbole to promote himself and his company, Cash Money Records.

However, on Friday, January 27th, 2012, BetOnline.com sportsbook released a response, initially via Twitter, stating that “BetOnline.com is prepared to take the $5 million dollar wager effective immediately!”

BetOnline.com is one of the few online sportsbooks to be legally licensed and regulated in the banking capital of Panama City, Panama. With a reputation for taking, and paying off winners of, very large wagers the acceptance of the $5 million dollar wager should not be a surprise to Birdman.

“If Birdman is prepared to put his money where his mouth is, we are prepared to accept his $5 million wager on either the point spread or the money line of Super Bowl XLVI”, stated Dave Mason of BetOnline.com.

If Birdman chooses to bet on the Patriots point spread at -3.5 (-110), he will lay $5 million to win $4,545,454.

If Birdman chooses to bet on the Patriots straight up on the money line at -160, he will lay $5 million to win $3,125,000.

In either case, Birdman will be expected to Post-Up his money with BetOnline.com first, in accordance to gaming laws in Panama City, Panama. Post-up can be completed with bank wire, person-to-person money transfer, cashier’s check, among other methods.

“Birdman simply needs to go to www.BetOnline.com and register online. Then, he can email me directly at [email protected], and I will provide him wire instructions in order to get his $5 million in post-up funds sent in a timely manner so we can proceed with the bet. Once Birdman’s bet is in, we will release a snapshot of the bet in his BetOnline.com account, and Birdman will finally have proof that he is the sports bettor who he boasts of being,” stated Mr. Mason.

So Birdman, it’s your moveā€¦

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