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Damon Burton is the president of a 7-figure search engine optimization firm, author of upcoming SEO book “Outrank,” and host of the successful new “Learning from Others” podcast for entrepreneurs. His latest guest is world-renowned life coach and performance advisor James Arthur Ray who shares lessons on leadership, redemption, and the true meaning of wealth.

Ray describes himself as a “serial entrepreneur” whose first company made the Inc. 500 list in 2009 as one of the fastest growing, most successful privately held companies in the United States. He is the author of six internationally best-selling books, including the New York Times bestseller, “Harmonic Wealth: The Secret to Attracting the Life You Want,” and co-author of “The Secret.”

In the interview, Ray shares one of his life goals to redefine leadership.

“It’s not about title or position. It’s not about getting the most votes or having the most followers or likes,” said Ray. “It’s the ability and willingness to give yourself to a cause and a calling far beyond personal comforts and needs.”

Ray says that efforts to look beyond ourselves often come back to us in unexpected ways.

“There’s a principle of physics called quantum entanglement that shows that when we make a shift in ourselves, we literally make a shift in others and change the world,” said Ray. “Giving back is giving to ourselves as well, because we’re all in this adventure together.”

In Ray’s experiences in working with over 1 million people worldwide through his life coaching and leadership programs, he has found that many of them chase money at the expense of happiness.

“Research shows that 72 percent of people are miserable in their work. If they are just chasing the money, that’s not going to bring them well-being.”

And according to Ray, well-being is the true definition of wealth.

In the interview with Burton, Ray spoke candidly about his newest book, “Redemption: The Price of Leadership in Life and Business” as well as the tragic events that inspired it. Just as Ray was reaching what seemed to be the pinnacle of success, he lost everything when he and his company were involved in a tragic accident in 2009. Since then, he has rebuilt his life and business by taking ownership of the tragedy, accepting consequences, and pressing forward.

But after hitting rock bottom, the words from a shaman and mentor inspired him to “keep climbing” and pay the price to rebuild—something that he urges others to do.

“In this society of the internet, there’s every kind of magic bullet and secret sauce one can imagine,” said Ray. “But to have sustainable success, people have to pay the price and stay the course, and it almost always takes twice as long as they project and costs twice as much.”

Today, Ray believes that he is better equipped to help and lift others due to his experiences.

“A person’s arms are not long enough to help someone who is in the depths of the valley and in the depths of despair when they are on the top of the mountain,” said Ray.

Ray explained that his redemption had granted him greater compassion and skill in mentoring others.

The James Arthur Ray interview is just one of many in a series of “Learning from Others” podcast episodes. Burton’s podcasts allow entrepreneurs to share their accomplishments as well as their hard times, inspiring people to start or grow their business or project more successfully.

Damon Burton is uniquely positioned to offer this podcast, having worked in on-air radio in Salt Lake City, Utah, for seven years and then launching his successful search engine optimization firm in 2007. His agency has served clients ranging from NBA teams to Inc. 5000 companies to Shark Tank-featured businesses. With Learning from Others, Burton merges his passion for both radio and entrepreneurship.

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