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New Jersey, NJ – An examination of the unique air quality issues affecting the food & beverage industry, as well as a look at how the Durafil ES2 high-efficiency air filter can provide an effective and affordable solution. 

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Across the world, the daily challenges facing the food & beverage industry have been intensifying for some time. From product safety recalls to fluctuations in global food prices, food manufacturers and packaging plants seemingly have enough on their plate when it comes to product safety. 

Like any other commercial operation, the presence of airborne pathogens, mold spores, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can threaten much more than most people think. Commercial operators like food producers, dairy processors, and beverage manufacturers must keep a close eye on how well their air filters are keeping them protected.

For most, upgrading to high-efficiency, v-bank style air filters is an effective way to reduce the threats from contaminants while improving facility airflow and lowering maintenance expenses. 

 The Importance of Specially-Designed Food & Beverage Air Filters

No matter what kind of food is being produced, clean air is a vital ingredient in the final product. The presence of outdoor contaminants in a food or beverage bottling production facility can threaten the reputation of a brand name that has taken years to establish.  

“If the air filters in your food production facility aren’t working properly or installed correctly, then you might as well add ‘dirty air’ to your ingredient list because it is getting in your food,” says Patrick Lally, Food and Beverage Segment Manager at Camfil USA. “At the very least, these added ingredients could create unwanted flavors. At the worst, it could spell disaster in the form of contaminated product, poorly packaged food items, and an increased threat to employee and customer health. Product recalls have occurred because of this.”

Learn how air filtration can keep the food and beverage industry safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why Restaurants, Kitchens, and Production Areas Require Unique Air Filtration Solutions

As Lally points out, removing the pollution and contaminants present in a given space of air is only the first part of the battle for commercial and industrial operators. In addition to food safety, maximizing the efficiency of a commercial filtration system is a reliable way to extend the life of the filter, leading to big savings on the other side. 

“This is why the Durafil ES2 is so highly recommended for food production environments,” he continues. “They’re capable of not only capturing the airborne threats but also for maintaining the same level of performance over a long period of time.  It’s really the perfect one-two punch for any facility.”

Using the Durafil ES2  As a Rooftop HVAC Filter

According to air filtration experts, one of the biggest problems of “budget-level” air filters is they rely on an initial electrostatic charge that temporarily enhances particle capture efficiency. Once this charge begins to dissipate, the efficiency drops rapidly. The result is dirt that should be captured by the filter and removed from the airstream,  passes through the filter, and into the production areas of the plant.  Read the full story here.  https://cleanair.camfil.us/2020/08/14/air-filtration-concerns-for-food-and-beverage-industry/

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