Cancers of all types are lethal. Mesothelioma, which is a rear form of cancer and is mostly associated with exposure to asbestos is deadly as mesothelioma cancer is usually diagnosed when it is fully developed and at that time it is incurable. The most common form of mesothelioma cancer, which accounts for seventy five percent of mesothelioma cancer is Pleural mesothelioma or most commonly known as mesothelioma lung cancer. The happens when the asbestos particles cover the lining of the lungs and develop cancer cells.

Equal number of people who had not been directly exposed to the asbestos also carry the risk of infection by asbestos, as these people have been directly in contract with the workers of asbestos industry. Their spouse, children, parents, brother, sisters and their friends are at risk as these asbestos industry workers unknowingly exposed them to secondhand exposure to asbestos by carrying asbestos particles and asbestos dust in the hair and clothing and shoes.

The asbestos industry itself was the main cause of such exposure as they did not pre warn the workers of the devastating effects that asbestos had on ones health. A news report about a man, who was exposed to asbestos, not because he was a worker but he lived in the asbestos mining town in Australia at the age of 7 died due to mesothelioma cancer at the age of 54. Asbestos effects – mesothelioma cancer surfaced at the age of 52, he died at the age of 54, 2 years after being diagnosed for mesothelioma cancer. The disease took 45 years to surface.

People who are diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer and their family members must know that mesothelioma cancer patients are entitled for compensation for being inflicted by the deadly cancer that they or their loved ones have unknowingly contracted as the asbestos industry had hidden many facts about the dangers of working with asbestos and living in the asbestos laden environment.

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