President elect Obama’s incoming government is called the Google enabled government following the effective way in which his camp used the Web 2.0 during the campaign. Obama’s grass root marketing involved skilful use of social networking sites with his supporters creating at least 35,000 groups and organizing 200,000 events.
Those who are applying for jobs in the new administration are asked to provide their text messages, e mail copies and their blog post links to social network sites including Face book to avoid any embarrassing situation in future. A careful screening process is underway to detect any suspicious Web 2.0 activity which may embarrass the President according to a New York Times article.

The social network continues to operate as announced by the campaign and will be used by supporters to protest against Obama’s policies. Even while the campaign was underway, about 20,000 of Obama’s supporters protested against support of Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act by Obama through the social networking site.

The practice of screening future employees for any wayward activity on Web 2.0 world is prevalent among a lot of other employers too according to a survey conducted by
A TechPresident blogger, Micah Sifry said that it is but logical to check applicants on their Internet usage in order to avoid embarrassing situations in future. He added that the applicants should be screened by Obama vetters on matters related to conflicts of interest, financial and ethical misbehavior rather than petty matters related to chugging beer or doing something funny or embarrassing.

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