PCWorld.com – New Office version was released by Sun Microsystems on Monday, supporting Mac Os X system and improve document format, called “Star Office 9”.

It was necessary to technology and new advanced to do up to date release of office for Mac and Apple users, because it day after day increase its popularity, so they must be treated like other users which have the latest technology for document format and management.

It was a natural step for the Office suite to support Mac OS X, because of its increased popularity and because Apple users shouldn’t be excluded from the move to open document formats, said Kent Åberg, business development manager for education and research at Sun Northern and Central Europe.

The support for many document formats is one of the main reasons customers should pick Star Office, according to Sun. In addition to its native Open Document Format, it has support for Microsoft Office — both legacy and new OOXML files — and for PDF (Portable Document Format), so that such documents can be imported and edited.

“Otherwise, you can’t get to your own information without buying the same software as the person who created the document,” Aberg said.  “The interest in software based on open source is greater than ever, and more organizations, companies and people are starting to look at products which challenge established truths,” he said.

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