Microsoft has become ruthless these days. They have been tracking down Windows users who really didn’t have any license to do so. They may also be utilizing illegal or pirated Microsoft software, such as their Office bundle.

Unless you have the cash to buy the license-which you can install in only one computer, by the way-you better look for another alternative, such as OpenOffice.

What is OpenOffice?

OpenOffice is an applications bundle, and is highly similar with Microsoft Office package. It is an open-source software, which means that anybody can improve and use it.

What applications are included?

OpenOffice seems to have the exact version of Microsoft Office applications. For example, OpenOffice Writer is equivalent to Word. Their look and even features are almost the same, so you don’t need to make a lot of adjustments, or the learning curve isn’t too steep. It also has OpenOffice Calc (spreadsheet), OpenOffice Math, (mathematical equations), and Impress (multimedia presentations), to name a few.

What if you’re Word-hungry?

You can actually save an OpenOffice document as Microsoft Word file (.doc), so you can open it in PCs that are using the latter. There are also online converters that will help you change Word documents to OpenOffice if you want to.

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