In the way of improving iPhone feature, Adobe has announced yesterday the new release of flash reader on on Windows Mobile and Google’s Android.

The new announcement of this feature is a great step for Iphone users make them breaking the terms and condition of Apple. Unless Apple lessens its grasp on the iPhone and lets a little open-source diplomacy through, Flash would never survive the App Store gauntlet.

According to Adobe records, Flash reader is operating in 98% of computers, and use in the operation of large contents of internet issues, These chunks of the Web are what Apple wants to hold you back from. If you started watching and playing free Flash browser games instead of downloading videos from iTunes and visiting the App Store, Apple loses control over how it thinks you should be receiving your entertainment and money.

This is an important step which must be made by Apple company to follow the race of Hi Tech and daily released features for Mobiles, which will reflect on the sales and the spreadness of Apple iPhone.

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