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Wired PR – The Dallas Cowboys won their way back into playoff territory with Sunday’s defeat over the Washington Redskins. The team took the lead 14 to 10 in a game that could have taken them out of the running for the playoffs altogether.

The Cowboys have faced major challenges over the past few weeks with the injuries of several key players, including quarterback Tony Romo, who returned to Sunday’s game still struggling with issues with his throwing hand. The Cowboys got off to a slow start in the game with the Redskins initially taking a 7 to 0 lead through the first quarter.

As reported y CBS 11 News, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones publicly expressed frustration about the team’s recent losses and the pressing need for a win to remain in the running to make it to the Superbowl. Many credit Romo’s return with the team’s Sunday victory, and have higher hopes for the remaining games in the season.

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