Would “Yahoo” still be on Microsoft’s buying list is a question on many minds? — Dallas, TX: Yahoo’s place on the internet remains undisputed. With Google in the lead, Yahoo clearly maintains the second position and Microsoft tags behind on the third position though Microsoft dominates the PC market with its operating systems and also remains to be the strong player in the gaming with its Xbox.

Now with the Yahoo CEO gone, will Microsoft be still interested in acquiring Yahoo. Why not!

The fight for dominance on the web is getting fierce. The Internet advertising era is growing fast and the three giants are fighting to take over and maintain their lead.

With the market capitalization $ 16 billion, Yahoo remain to be the leader on the display advertising, this position of Yahoo cannot be questioned. eMarketer states that Yahoo attracts mass audience of about 141 million unique visitors monthly. The search engine is very popular with the advertisers for this purpose. In the US 20% of all internet searches are done through Yahoo. Yahoo is also believed to be the largest e-mail service. It owns the photo sharing site called Flicker.

Microsoft on the on the other hand lags behind with only 9% share in Internet searches maintains the 3rd position is trying hard to make the difference.

With all the data and analysis on hand, it is likely that Microsoft would still be interested in acquiring Yahoo and with Jerry Yang gone, it might be a lot more easier.

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