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Wired PR – NASA recently announced the successful testing of an Internet modeled communications network for space. As reported by AFP, Adrian Hooke of NASA stated of the testing “This is the first step in creating a totally new space communications capability, an interplanetary Internet.”

In conducting the tests, Disruption Tolerant Networking (DNT) software was used to transmit images millions of miles from Earth to a NASA spacecraft. The protocol for this kind of software varies from normal transmission of information via Internet, because it does not use the same kind of continuous connection that could facilitate delays, disconnections, or related issues. The means makes it so that information sent is not lost in the event that a signal or connection is not found. Instead it is held until it can safely be delivered to its destination.

The report states that an interplanetary network could facilitate various new space mission types and more reliable astronaut communications. News Source: – Press Release Distribution


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