– You heard about Rosie O’Donnell and Barbara Walters issue, well it seems that Rosie is the winner after all. Sorry Barbara.

O’Donnell is set to take TV by storm next Wednesday when she debuts her “Rosie Live” show on NBC at 8pm. The live variety show — which will undoubtedly get a lot of press and viewers — is a try-out for Rosie’s planned weekly “Ed Sullivan”-like show that should start by February.

But yesterday Barbara Walters, the ancient mariner of “The View,” didn’t like it when Rosie spoke about her rollercoaster year on the show. Rosie’s been responding to questions about the show while doing publicity for ‘Live’ show. She told reporters that there isn’t a lot of camaraderie on “The View” among the co-hosts.

“Rosie Live” should be an enormous hit if O’Donnell can keep the show tightly rehearsed and scripted, family friendly and most of all, positive in its celebration of Broadway, New York, and the arts. That isn’t to say that we won’t see the “other” Rosie — the cutting edge one. But “Rosie Live” is going to be about comedy, something she excels at.

Not mention that Rosie brought more life to the turgid, fawning “View” in her one year than ABC could ever have hoped for. The network offered her $10 million to stay, but wanted a three year commitment. O’Donnell was wise enough to cut her losses and get out when the going was good.

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