WASHINGTON, January 13 /EIN News/ — EIN News is proud to announce that it has improved its news monitoring services to better meet your needs and revised budgets. It’s time to re-explore EIN News.

Combining both intelligent search technologies and the human element, EIN News stands above the rest as the most efficient yet personalized news service available. As a member you may interact with our editorial department to have media monitoring customized to your specific needs.

See for yourself how EIN News can complement your current research and information needs. To get started, simply sign up for a free trial today at http://www.einnews.info/news_publications.php

You will be joining a community of professionals from private industry, institutions, and governments that rely on our news services as a critical source for research, breaking news and media monitoring. Our members include:

* Companies that need high quality news and information about their industry or market,
* Embassies and other government agencies and NGOs throughout the world that need to keep up with the latest geopolitical developments,
* Marketing and PR managers who track everything said or written about their clients,
* World media who find our services a comprehensive source for breaking news and an inexpensive way to track the competition,
* Bloggers who need fresh news headlines for display on their sites,
* Private individuals who rely on our services to save time and energy.

GET A FREE TRIAL: http://www.einnews.info/news_publications.php

If you have questions or need assistance, just contact our customer service representative who will help you get started.

About EIN News, http://www.einnews.info/

EIN News was established in 1995, and through the years has built more than 200,000 news feeds organized within 50 individual news sites. The company has launched the well-known Russia Today brand and opened internet news access to China with Inside China Today.

Offering a unique combination of human editing and proprietary scanning software, EIN News won Europe’s coveted Momentum Award as the most innovative internet company on the continent. Serving thousands of customers daily, the company distributes its feeds via email or mobile news alerts, online and other channels such as Newsfeedmaker.com.


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Tel: +420 233 371 538 (Europe)

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