Düsseldorf / Madrid, January 14, 2009 — The German software and service provider Spotigo announced that its WiFi-based Positioning Solution (WiPS) is now available in more than 25 countries. The most important cities in countries like the United States, Germany, UK, Spain, France, Russia, India, Korea, etc. are covered significantly already. Among those cities are e.g. Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Amsterdam, New York, St. Petersburg, Singapore, Bangalore, etc.

It’s really impressive, how rapidly the coverage is growing, our self-learning system works extremely powerfully and reliably states Daniel Pruemers, CEO of Spotigo. We are looking forward to being able to provide a world-wide service within the next few months.

Spotigo’s WiFi-based positioning technology identifies the user’s position on the basis of the received WiFi signal patterns. It is the perfect complement to GPS since it compensates the limitations of satellite-based positioning: especially in urban areas with high buildings and narrow streets, WiPS usually generates a faster fix, more reliable and more accurate results than GPS. Another important advantage of this new technology is the indoor and 3D functionality.

Since it also works perfectly as a standalone positioning solution, Spotigo’s WiPS now makes it possible to offer location-aware content on all mobile devices without GPS module. As a B2B company, Spotigo offers WiPS to companies, municipalities and organizations interested in offering high quality location-based services or location-based advertising.

About Spotigo

Spotigo started operations in the beginning of 2005 and became one of the leading European software- and services companies providing innovative technology to the LBS and WiFi market. Spotigo’s core product is the WiFi-based Positioning Solution (WiPS), which works independently from any GPS-hardware or GSM-operators. Another core product is a WiFi SmartClient, a software solution that enables internet users to find and log on to WiFi hotspots automatically. For more information please visit www.spotigo.com.


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