Steve Jobs’ Hormone Imbalance may Happen To You

Steve Jobs’ has just been diagnosed with a “Hormone Imbalance”. Could this be you? Researchers in Texas, Boston, Brazil and India are exploring the diagnosis and treatment of hormone imbalance. Hormone imbalance may cause a wide variety of symptoms including weight disorders, fatigue, pain, chest tightness, anxiety and loss of short term memory.

Austin, TX, January 08, 2009 /PRAvenueNW/ — Hormone imbalance may affect millions of people. Over half of all adults have symptoms that cannot be explained by doctors. Key symptoms include weight problems, fatigue, pain (joint pain and muscle pain), anxiety and panic attacks and loss of short term memory.

Researchers at the Roby Institute have identified hormone imbalance as a cause of numerous undiagnosed disorders. Hormone imbalance occurs when one or more of our reproductive hormones isn’t functioning properly. The imbalance results in symptoms, sometimes severe, of fatigue, weight gain or loss, painful joints or muscles and anxiety.

The imbalance causes the body to operate with the emergency hormone adrenalin. The chronic use of this major stress hormone leads to fatigue and all manner of stress-related disorders. These are disorders little understood by medicine. They include chronic fatigue syndrome, weight disorders, fibromyalgia, arthritis, shortness of breath and anxiety. The patients are easily identified…they feel serious symptoms…and their doctor insists there is nothing wrong with them.

A readily available blood test for hormones could measure for such an imbalance. Hormones tested include estradiol, testosterone, thyroid, cortisol and DHEA. An imbalance could be treated by hormone replacement thereapy (HRT) or supplements. Lifestyle changes are often prescribed (“long, slow, distance” as in walking) since stress is a common factor. The patients are usually intense individuals with increasing stress in their lives.

Researchers point out that this is so common that it might affect half of all patients seeking medical attention. The diagnostic blood tests are inexpensive (under $300.00) and are covered by most health insurance. The treatment is safe, effective and inexpensive (under $100.00 for HRT and supplements).

The disorder is rarely diagnosed because doctors are not trained to look for it. In 2006, Texas researchers at the Roby Institute and the University of Texas, Austin, published the first paper describing hormone imbalance (Hormone Allergy, AJRI). In 2008, Dr. Roby of the Roby Institute published the book, “Maybe It IS All in Your Head…and You Are NOT Crazy!” ( and Amazon Kindle).

Centers for the diagnosis and treatment of the disorder have been established in Texas, Brazil and India. The symptoms include all the “syndromes” for which medicine can find no cause or solution. The problem is rarely addressed by medicine since the hormone levels, while out of balance, are often “within normal limits”. Physicians are not trained to look for imbalances and therefore do not order hormone levels that might give the diagnosis.

Hormone imbalance has been described in traditional medical literature for the last sixty years or more. Some of the well known examples include multiple sclerosis, premenstrual asthma and premenstrual migraine. Only recently has hormone imbalance begun to be seen as a probably cause for all manner of “syndromes” not associated with known diseases.

This common disorder may affect half of all patients seeking medical attention. The blood tests for hormone imbalance are readily available at all clinical labs. The treatment is safe, effective and inexpensive.

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