Texas Petroleum Investment Co., found guilty by federal magistrate.

Dallas, TX (AmericanInjuryNews.com)–Texas Petroleum Oil Investment Co., out of Houston, was ordered yesterday to pay $525,000 in federal fines. The Associated Press (AP) reported, the Houston oil company was also placed on a two year probation for federal violations when one of their Louisiana storage tanks dumped toxic brine the water at the delta National Wildlife Refuge near Venice. Apparently this caused massive pollution effecting fish, wildlife and the local ecosystem.

The Magistrate Judge ordered the Texas oil company to pay fines to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Louisiana Stat Police and the Southern Environmental Enforcement Network Enforcement Training Fund for violations of the U.S. Clean Water Act. Historically toxic sludge, brine and chemical dumping instances have been known to cause long-term effects to consumers, wildlife, and the environment because of the invasion into our nation’s food and water supply. Injuries and damages have been known to span several decades.

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