Dallas veterans injury attorney-Witherite-says U.S. military soldier dies from bad KBR wiring.

Dallas, TX (AmericanInjuryNews.com)–As reported on Tuesday by MyFox Dallas/FortWorth, United States military criminal investigators have decided to reopen the investigation into a soldier’s electrocution death after consulting with the Pentagon’s inspector general. Special Chase Whitman died after being electrocuted while swimming in a pool at a U.S. military base in Iraq in 2004.

The Oregon soldier’s wrongful death was blamed on a short circuit in the swimming pool’s motor which was improperly grounded. The U.S. Army has also reclassified another soldier’s electrical shock death as a negligent homicide naming KBR Inc., a military contractor based in Houston, Texas. According to federal investigators, five soldiers have died under similar circumstances.

Staff Sgt. Ryan Maseth died after suffering an electrocution while showering in his barracks in Iraq. Army investigators determined KBR failed to provide qualified electricians and plumbers as outlined in their military contracts. United States military personnel and veterans rely on the government and their contractors to provide safe equipment and living conditions while serving and protecting the freedoms of Americans. When active and inactive military personnel die due to a contractors negligence families and loved ones suffer.

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