Peter Wolz
Jewish Auschwitz Resistance
Representative Office

Feb. 16, 2009

New Message of Jewish Auschwitz Resistance to
President Barack Supporters Nr.1 :

Appeal for Making Auschwitz Atonement based on Telling the
Truth and Taking Responsibility

for the Failure to Bomb the Railway Bridges between Hungary and the
murder factory to prevent the Deportation of more than 400.000
Hungarian Jews since April/May 1944,

– to realize Holocaust Justice regarding the victims/heirs and the
Jewish Auschwitz Resistance,
– to Reduce the Israeli/American Holocaust Trauma,
– to Reinforce the Authentic Identity of American National
and Global Leadership,
– to Create innovative new Chances for a real Israeli/Palestinian Peace

Israel is a state of Holocaust Trauma without consistent identity.
Its American Super Power Ally has established its position and influence
following some groups of American Jews during WW II, when they were
powerless to do anything against the annihilation of the Jews of Europe.

2.The Israeli-Palestinian conflict suffers from collective egocentrism.
Both sides see themselves as victims.And both deny the victimhood of
the other.

3.The key to any solution is therefore putting an end to denial.
Without including the religious core the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process
will not produce weight-bearing solutions.

1.US Power Holders could and should have saved more than 400.000 Hungarian
Jews gassed by the Nazi Main War Criminals during 1944 in Auschwitz.
Before the beginning of deportation the Jewish Auschwitz Resistance had delivered
the bombing target Railway Bridges between Hungary and Auschwitz for US Air
Force. Just by bombing two bridges the 15th US Air Force could and should have
paralyzed the whole traffic and the deportation of the Hungarian Jews.

2.The Jewish Auschwitz Resistance could send out radio messages
and cooperated with agents of Zionist Organizations, smuggled in and out Auschwitz.
The death factory has been one of the greatest industrial Nazi-projects and a big construction side.
But US Air Force did not save the Hungarian victims. US Military robbed the Gold Train
with great parts of Hungarian Jews’ fortune.

1.President George W. Bush has confirmed in the first Auschwitz Lawsuit in Washington DC:
The US accepts the well-pled allegations of the complaint as true.

2.But he has said also:
President’s Sovereign Immunity applies even in Holocaust cases.
Federal courts do not have jurisdiction.
With this statement the President has broken US Martial Law and Nuremberg Principles:
Commander’s Responsibility for Crimes against Humanity on innocent civilians.
He has violated US Constitution – the principles of separaration of powers.

3.The complaint of Jewish Auschwitz ┬┤Resistance is based on the Unity of Jewish Law,
Judao-Christian Principles, National Law and Intenational Law.
Following these Rules , Traditions, the American Intervention Rule in the League of
Nations Act 1919, ratified by European States, the Report to Morgenthau Jr. Jan. 13,1944,
Rooseelt’s basic Principle of Executive Order 9417, Jan. 26, 1944, Common Law and Nurem-
berg Rules, the failure to rescue the Hungarian Auschwitz victims and robbing the Gold Train
have been Crimes against Humanity.

4.Absorbing Slavery Profit from Aushwitz Slave workers has been a Crime also.
Members of Jewish Auschwitz Resistance filed a class action for punitive damages vs. Presi-
dent Bush and his clan in Washington DC and NY too.

1. All Holocaust Lawsuits are still pending.

2.Bush had injured all Principles of Fair Trial, American Law, US Constitution, International Law.
He has subjected THE HOLOCAUST, the greatest crime in Jewish history,
under his Imperial Presidency.

3.He has violated the Jewish Soul.
85 per cent of the American Jews say, the Holocaust is very important to their sense of
being Jewish. Fewer say that about God, the Tora or any factor.

1.Bush has denied Atonement, which is a combination of Confession, Repentance and

2. The Main Responsibility of the Nazi War Criminals must produce Atonement too.
Chancellor Dr.Angela Merkel will be included in the Punitive Damage Process.
There is no German State Immunity or litigation.

3.We are searching for partners regarding all lawsuits.

1.Please reed our Messages I-III also.

2. Donate now.
Since 1998 we are working without any financial support.

Peter Wolz

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