RPost To Host Live Webinar On Moving To Electronic Contracts

LOS ANGELES, CA – February 18, 2009 – Session with Cox Business discusses real use case on how the cable industry leader has leveraged e-contracts to cut the quote-to-cash time, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction.

With today’s fast pace of business, parties regularly discuss, negotiate and informally settle upon terms over e-mail. But when it comes time for the final signature, many still revert back to paper-based transactions which involve a juggle of printing, signing, scanning, faxing, and/or mailing forms. This process can be inefficient and expensive, slowing deals down and diverting resources away from more profitable activities. Various options for electronic
contracts are available but businesses often hesitate to adopt them due to lack of comfort with the technology and lack of confidence in the laws governing electronic signatures, among other reasons.

On Friday, February 27th at 2 p.m. eastern time, Dan Hoffman, Director of Technical Operations for Cox Business, and Michael Stevens, Managing Director of Huron Consulting Group, will join Zafar Khan of RPost to discuss the reasons for moving to electronic contracts and compare different types of solutions. RPost will provide an overview
of the current e-signature laws and also demonstrate how the company’s eSignOff(TM) service can help businesses close deals faster, cut FedEx/mail cost, and eliminate fax and scan.

Attend this webcast and you will hear:

•E-signature law discussion
•Real-world examples of industry leaders cutting costs and speeding transactions
•Third party analysis of electronic contracting industry competitive landscape
•RPost’s eSignOff(TM) service overview

Who should attend:

•Directors or VPs of Operations
•Information Management
•Purchasing, Sales or General Counsel
•CFOs, COOs and CTOs

The Webcast Registration Link (Friday, February 27th at 2 p.m. ET) can be found at:


About the Presenters:

Zafar Khan, CEO, RPost: Zafar has strategy, finance, global business development, and public affairs experience with Braxton Associates/Deloitte Consulting, Goldman Sachs, a Washington DC trade group, and early stage technology companies. He worked with U.S. manufacturers to evaluate and transfer Department of Energy National Lab weapons technology to industry to increase manufacturing flexibility. He was one of 15 CEOs elected to participate in the U.S. Presidential Trade Mission to Chile and Peru led by Secretary of Commerce Don Evans. He has been an invited speaker on the U.S. Department of Commerce-Homeland Security Cyber Security Panel. He has developed two U.S. patents. In 2006, Citytech Magazine identified Khan among the top 100 global technology leaders. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wesleyan University in Connecticut, an International Business Certificate from The Georgetown University School of Business, and a Masters of Business Administration degree from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

Dan Hoffman, Director of Technical Operations, Cox Business: Dan has over 10 years experience in product management, sales engineering and technical operations. In his current role at Cox, he is responsible for providing pre-sales support and post-sale project management, identifying market operational challenges, and investigating applications and procedures to improve market efficiency. Prior to Cox he spent time at two start-up companies and Urban Media.

Michael Stevens, Managing Director, Huron Consulting Group (www.huronconsultinggroup.com): Michael has more than 17 years experience providing operational and technology consulting services to leading corporations and law firms. His particular expertise lies in the areas of operational and business process improvements, contract management, matter management, document management, and e-billing. Prior to joining Huron, Michael was a Manager of Cisco’s Legal Business Services group, responsible for formulation and implementation of the technology initiatives, and managing operational support. Previously, he provided legal technology and operational consulting to Fortune 500 corporations and leading law firms as a Manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers and as a Program Manager at SRA International.

About RPost:

RPost has set the global standard for Legal Proof(R) in Internet e-mail with its core Registered E-mail(R) proof of delivery and eSignOff(TM) electronic contracting services. RPost services comprise of an all inclusive and on demand platform of outbound e-mail services for correspondence that has consequence if disputed or can commit the sender. RPost services permit the sender to prove, sign, secure, record, and collaborate with less cost, time, paper and risk. RPost has strategic business relationships with leading technology and service providers to provide RPost services to their existing clients, including: ATT, Google/Postini, Symantec, Orange (FranceTel), among

Available in eight languages and for all e-mail platforms, RPost’s patented Registered E-mail(R) services have been used daily by the United States Government since 2003 and have been endorsed and marketed by most of the influential bar associations in the United States, including the bars of New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles,
Boston, and the District of Columbia. Headquartered in Los Angeles, RPost has offices in San Diego, Washington D.C. and worldwide. For more information about RPost, please visit: www.rpost.com

Registered E-mail, R-mail, RPost and Legal Proof are registered trademarks owned by RPost (www.rpost.com).

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