zInternationalinsurance.com launched for International Travelers Expatriates

/EIN News/ Glen Allen, VA, February 19, 2008 – International Services, Inc a leader in offering travel and health insurance plans to US visitors has launched http://www.zinternationalinsurance.com/

zInternationalinsurance.com is tailored to meet the special international health insurance needs of travelers, professionals working overseas and expatriates.

Individuals and families working and living outside their home countries often require health insurance protection in all parts of the world. It is essential for them to have year round healthcare benefits regardless of where they are located. It is also quite common for these global citizens to return to their home countries for major medical treatment; hence their international insurance plans should support treatment upon their return to the home country.

zInternationalinsurance.com portfolio includes long term International Health Insurance for overseas professionals; Short Term International Travel Medical Insurance
(http://www.zinternationalinsurance.com/medical/) for travelers and tourists; International Travel Insurance (http://www.zinternationalinsurance.com/travel/) with trip cancellation benefits for cruise vacationers; and Group Employee Insurance for global businesses with expatriate employees.

zInternationalInsurance.com features online quoting, plan comparison web enrollment to facilitate ‘value buys’ for clients. In addition, an experienced and dedicated service team ensures clients receive the healthcare protection they seek.

“The claims settlement process can sometimes breakdown because of poor communication between the healthcare provider insurance company. Our unique experience in the industry has been instrumental in connecting the broken links and ensuring hassle free health coverage for international clients” said Chiranth Nataraj, CEO of International Services, Inc.

An international client on a long term US assignment, Getu Beyene had this to say about his recent experience – “There were several billing payment mix-ups between the hospital, labs and insurance claims department. After I brought the matter to the attention of International Services, Inc. the issue was handled in a very timely professional manner. Thanks to International Services, Inc. all the correct claims have been covered by the insurance company”.

About International Services, Inc

Virginia based International Services, Inc. offers a choice of high quality International Travel Health Insurance at http://www.zinternationalinsurance.com/travel/. The company distributes its products mainly through an online network of websites, for more information visit http://www.zinternationalinsurance.com/ or call 877.593.5403.

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