Dallas insurance attorney-Witherite-reports Texas Farmers Insurance sues state to block release of documents to public.

Dallas, TX –The Dallas Morning News reported on Sunday, Texas Farmers Insurance Company has pulled a huge power move against Texas consumers. The Dallas Morning News requested Texas Farmers, a major homeowners insurance company in the state, to release records and provide information explaining how the insurer determines its rates for consumers’ homeowners policies.

The large homeowners insurance carrier refused to release the information filed a lawsuit, in Travis County on February 3, 2009, when the state attorney general’s office ordered the Texas Department of Insurance to release the documents and information to the newspaper. Allstate Fire and Casualty Company documents will also be released and the executives with Allstate have not filed a court case against the state. Basically, by suing the state, Farmers is suing the very consumers who buy their insurance policies.

According to the Dallas Morning News, the paper requested rate filings and supporting documentation from the top three homeowner insurance companies in Texas which are State Farm Lloyds Co., Allstate and Farmers. Texas officials have released all of State Farm’s filings. The Texas Department of Insurance has withheld insurance company documents marked “confidential”. Executives with the insurance companies are claiming the release of these confidential documents will allow their competitors to know their trade secrets. Consumer advocacy groups and top Dallas County insurance litigation attorneys are wondering why Texas homeowners are not allowed to know how their rates are determined.

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