Asia’s Outsourcing Future to Be Addressed at The 2009 Asia-Pacific Outsourcing Summit in Malaysia This Spring

/EIN News/ POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y., March 19, 2009 – As outsourcing in Asia rapidly evolves, outsourcing business leaders and practitioners will come together for a global summit in May to look at where the industry is headed in the region over the next two years and the opportunities it presents for all companies.

The 2009 Asia-Pacific Outsourcing Summit, being held May 12-13, in Kuala

Lumpur, Malaysia, is a one-of-a-kind annual gathering to explore and set the future of outsourcing in Asia.

Themed “Asia’s Role in the New Global Economy,” the event is presented by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals™ (IAOP™) in association with Outsourcing Malaysia and PIKOM, the association representing the information and communications technology (ICT) industry in Malaysia.

Speaking on “The Power of Outsourcing: Leadership Lessons from One of the World’s Top IT Executives” will be Marty Chuck, founder of The CXOs LLC and former CIO of Electronic Arts and Agilent Technologies. A Certified Outsourcing Professional™ (COP), Chuck is a recent inductee into IAOP’s Outsourcing Hall of Fame.

Other keynotes are Danny Ertel, COP and partner, Vantage Partners, LLC on “Long Distance Innovation: Overcoming the Hurdles to Value Creation in Global Relationships;” and Beverley Honig, CEO, Honeylight Enterprises Pty. Ltd. on “The Future of Outsourcing and the Culture Surprise.”

Business leaders also will hear insights and lessons learned from top executives from IAOP, Accenture, MDeC Malaysia, athenahealth, Electronic Arts Canada, Samasource, Salmat BusinessForce, ACS India, Quint Wellington Redwood, The Bank of Nova Scotia, Infosys Technologies Ltd. and Matryzel Consulting.

In addition to the full program of educational sessions tailored to high-level executives, the Summit will offer integrated networking and social events and professional development opportunities. The Outsourcing Hall of Fame award also will be presented for the first time in Asia at a gala dinner.

“With Asia being the first destination of choice for outsourcing and offshoring for many Western companies, it is crucial for any business to understand how the market is changing,” said IAOP Chairman Michael Corbett.

“Activities and locations that only a few months ago were the center of many companies’ global strategies are today commodities – and brand new opportunities are emerging,” Corbett said. “At the same time, the value propositions for every country, and even for many of the regions within a country, are in constant flux.”

Summit topics will focus on the very latest experiences from today’s front lines, as well as the current research and thinking into how outsourcing to Asia is likely to evolve over the next 18 to 24 months, according to event organizers.

Among the topics that will be explored by delegates are lessons from the experiences of Asia-based companies and governments as they adopt and adapt outsourcing to their unique needs; activities outsourced by Asian organizations; the structure of business relationships in Asia; and the special opportunities and challenges facing organizations in Asia and what others from around the world can learn from their experiences.

By attending the Summit, professionals can earn points toward the educational requirement for the COP designation or continuing education credits.

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