Wrongful Death Lawsuit Settled by Lawyers

Seattle Area Metro Settles Wrongful Death Law Suit for $1.5 Million to the Family of Auburn Truck Driver
Seattle, WA – 20.03.09 – Justice seems to have come to the hapless family of the Auburn Truck Driver who was killed driving his truck when a Metro Bus hit it. The bereaved family preferred a lawsuit for personal injury against the King county running the Bus services.

The King County Officials however went in for a settlement of the claim. Appreciating the fact that the wrongful death has created severe psychological trauma and financial crisis for the family, they agreed to settle the claim for a hefty $1.5 million.

Apparently, the officials admitted that the accident and resultant death was caused by negligence on part of the driver who was driving the Metro Bus.

When the Metro Bus struck head on the pick up truck driven by Michael Dahlquist in April 2008 causing his instant death, it happened largely due to the careless driving by the Metro Bus Driver on the Highway 164. The Police investigation established the fact that the Metro Bus did hit the pick up truck trying to speed up.
Approaching for justice, the lawyer appearing on behalf of the Dahlquist family filed documents in the court claiming that the Metro Bus driver had a long past record of making accidents. At the same time the King County Transit Agency was accused by the lawyer for negligence as they permitted the Bus driver with a dubious driving record to continue with driving.
While the country seems to have accepted their folly, they tried to make some amends by paying the damages on one hand and firing the driver on the other.

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