International Association of Outsourcing Professionals Reports Rise in Certified Outsourcing Professionals Designation as a Strategic Tool

/EIN News/ POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y., March 30, 2009 – In response to today’s challenging economic times, an increasing number of individuals are becoming certified as experts in outsourcing through the industry’s de facto standard of excellence – the Certified Outsourcing Professional™ (COP) designation.

The International Association of Outsourcing Professionals™ (IAOP™) reports expanding global demand for its COP designation and has just announced additional training options to meet this demand.

With some 400 outsourcing professionals from around the world either having obtained or in the process of receiving the certification, the COP designation is now the standard by which professionals in the field are measured.

Its broad appeal is reflected in the fact that of the COPs certified, 40 percent are outsourcing customers, 35 percent are advisors and 25 percent are providers of outsourcing services, according to the association.

“As firms recognize that there’s no substitute for getting outsourcing right the first time, especially during these tough economic times, having COPs design, implement and manage the deal is a great way to ensure success,” said IAOP Chairman Michael Corbett.

“With the increasing global nature of outsourcing, the common framework that COPs provide is critical to getting optimal results by bringing all parties in the outsourcing relationship together on the same page following the same proven management practices,” he said.

The COP designation powerfully demonstrates that individuals possess the experience and knowledge required to design, implement and manage outsourcing initiatives that have a high probability of achieving an organization’s intended outcomes.

COPs in All Industries

IAOP is seeing companies of all sizes, including major companies in the financial, insurance and consumer goods industries, offering the COP program on a companywide basis. IAOP has also seen greater demand for tailored versions of the program for both companies and associations.

“Companies looking to develop an outsourcing center of excellence staffed with trained and certified professionals are bringing the COP program to their organizations,” said Kim Maneeley, IAOP director of professional development. “Companies are making the strategic decision to embrace the COP program division- or company-wide, and even to include their outsourcing partners.”

Safeco Insurance has three COPs in its ranks. Catherine Giles, COP, director, Business Process Outsourcing, said the certification and training has had many real-world applications for her.

“COP certification is as much based on real lessons learned from the application of the standards as it is on best-in-class, or proven, approaches to the work,” Giles said.

Because the program is based on a set of professional industry standards, the designation promotes an environment where all of the parties to an outsourcing business relationship – customers, providers and advisors – have a common and shared professional knowledge, approach and commitment to mutual success.

“The COP certification offers a set of principles and standards that, when applied consistently, fosters enhanced confidence and high-level expertise to create innovative business partnerships and value-added outcomes,” said consultant Cynthia Kearney, COP, former vice president of procurement, Johnson & Johnson. “The COP certification is a guidebook for agility and remaining competitive.”

Upcoming COP Master Classes

IAOP will offer the COP Master Class, an integral part of the certification, at upcoming sessions in North America, South America and Asia. The intensive learning experience provides professionals with points toward their COP designation and immediate skills to improve outsourcing outcomes.

The COP Master Class brought Theresa Harris, COP, global sourcing manager, Worldwide Information Systems for Kodak, together with outsourcing customers, suppliers and advisors to work on a case study.

“Together, we applied the components of the material and utilized our personal strengths to deliver an outsourcing recommendation,” Harris said. “The guest speakers brought practical knowledge on key topics. I was able to use the knowledge gained from this experience immediately back in the workplace.”

The next Master Class session will be held April 27-30 at Quality Faria Lima hotel in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The following month IAOP will offer a COP Master Class package May 4-8 at the Paul J. Rizzo Conference Center in Chapel Hill, N.C. that also includes a full-day Outsourcing Governance Workshop and COP exam preparation course.

To meet strong interest in the program in the Asia-Pacific region, IAOP will conduct a COP Master Class May 18-21 at the Renaissance Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in conjunction with its 2009 Asia-Pacific Outsourcing Summit.

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