Washington, D.C., April 6th, 2009

EIN News, a top-ten rated news service for business professionals, announces the launch of new services for journalists and companies to keep track of health-related news.

EIN News proprietary technology provides ready-made news content channels, newsletter delivery, news feeds for integration, and other media monitoring services. Combining both intelligent search technologies and the human element, EIN News provides efficient yet personalized news services.

We encourage you to SIGN UP NOW FOR A FREE TRIAL ACCOUNT to any of these EIN News services:

Brain Cancer News Today: http://braincancer.einnews.com/

Breast Cancer News Today: http://breastcancer.einnews.com/

Healthcare Industry Today: http://health.einnews.com/

Lung Cancer News Today: http://lungcancer.einnews.com/

Pharmaceutical Industry Today: http://pharmaceuticals.einnews.com/

Prostate Cancer News Today: http://prostatecancer.einnews.com/

Registered members can interact with the EIN News editorial department to have media monitoring customized to their specific needs.

If you have any questions, email us or call +1 202 657 5158.


Benjamin Bennett
Customer Service
EIN News

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