Harvard Student Launches IMDB.GS, A Free Social Networking Tool For Indie Filmmakers

Now Indie Film Makers With Limited Budgets Can Get Exposure…

Cambridge, MA – April 23, 2009 — A Harvard student teamed up with a butcher, a security guard and a nuclear engineer to create a social networking site to help independent filmmakers grasp fame and fortune in Hollywood.

The four lifelong friends were dissatisfied with their 9-to-5 jobs and set out to become independent filmmakers. Over the course of two years, and the making of a dozen films, the friends realized that the road to success in Hollywood wasn’t necessarily short OR well mapped out.

“Unless you are connected in Hollywood, or have a massive budget to hire movie stars, the doors in the film industry stay closed, no matter how hard a worker you are.” said Raymond Clement, a butcher at a Denver-area Sam’s Club.

Mr. Clement has personally directed eight films.

“The cost to create an independent short film can be prohibitive,” said Nicholas Chavez, Harvard student and administrator of IMDB.GS, “we developed this social networking site so filmmakers could achieve economies of scale by sharing resources that would normally need to be recreated for each film, such as actor employment contracts and royalty-free music or footage.”

While the cost of these documents and footage could add up to thousands of dollars per indie film, IMDB.GS is currently free to use and it’s content free to license. This social networking site will also allow filmmakers and their film projects to be indexed by important search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo.

“This is a great option for filmmakers looking for an IMDB alternative,” said Andrew James Mark who is a struggling actor and security guard, “we are so excited to share our stuff with others like us.”

IMDB.GS launches in “alpha-test” mode, April 23, 2009 and has a large cross-platform advertising campaign set for the weeks ahead to attract a user base.


The founders of iMDBgs are currently producing a documentary about how average families and small businesses can obtain stimulus money for their own benefit. The documentary is entitled: “Where’s MY Bailout?”

Preview copies of the documentary will be available to the media beginning May 20, 2009.
Media preview copy, send an email to this address: [email protected]

For more information about iMDBgs, or the documentary film “Where’s MY Bailout?”, please contact Nicholas Chavez at 720-941-8817, email [email protected], or visit www.imdb.gs / www.imdbgs.com.

Please note the deadline, Nicholas will respond as quickly as possible.