Spread of Swine Flu in U.S. Likely to Be Under-reported. EIN News Offers Comprehensive Coverage of the Swine Flu Emergency

WASHINGTON, April 27 – /EIN NEWS/ As the aggressively spreading swine flu makes its way to U.S. soil, states are scrambling to judge the full extent of how susceptible the population is to infection. But some states are having no problem with reporting the impact: That’s because they don’t have the means to effectively investigate illness complaints.

Because of a lack of resources, the exact extent to which the population is at risk for disease is never really known. Whereas some states, such as Minnesota and Washington, lead the nation in reporting outbreaks and communicating the risks to their residents. Others have no resources, or minimal resources, to do so.

According to the New York Times, “Congress and the Obama administration have said that more inspections and new food production rules are needed to prevent food-related diseases, but far less attention has been paid to fixing the fractured system by which officials detect and stop ongoing outbreaks.”

Turn to EIN News for continuing coverage of the swine flu that is spreading across North America and find out the stories that the mainstream media – let alone the states – is not reporting:

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As reported by Reuters, “The U.S. food supply system has been hit by a series of big food recalls since 2006, leading to vociferous calls by lawmakers, consumer groups and most recently the Obama administration for reform. Several bills have been introduced in Congress to modernize the system.” Yet, here the country sits and waits again for enough people to get sick – across the entire nation – before the alarm is sounded.

Are some states doing the job of the FDA while the department rests on its laurels? EIN News keeps you up to date with this story and more, spanning the globe to deliver to you the full story from the world’s top news sources.

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