CD Digital Card Announces Packaging Solution For Mailing For Less Than A Quarter

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA – April 28, 2009 /PRAvenueNW/ — CD Digital Card is pleased to announce a new mail solution to sending a DVD using the United States Post Office with postage costing less than a 25 cents. Due to the ingenious design of the Flex DVD, postage cost is 50 percent less expensive in any bulk-mailing scenario.

The flexible attributes of the disc allow the Flex DVD to move through sorting machinery at U.S. Postal Service sort facilities without any type of special handling. The disc is also 33 percent lighter than its rigid standard DVD counterpart. Flex DVD also eliminates breakage in transit by providing a flexible, resilient disc product that will almost never crack, break, or become damaged in postal equipment. If your organization is planning on mass marketing by mailing out a DVD to reach the maximum audience, with great savings your best solution is the Flex DVD with our automated Flex mailer.

The Flex Media Mailer, a newly designed packaging solution, has been approved by the USPS to be mailed out as an automated letter. Since the Flex Disc is able bend and weighs less than 1 ounce, you can now send a DVD at the same rate as a standard envelope. In other words, you can now bulk mail a DVD to your client or target audience as low as $0.19 if the mailing is sorted and as much as $0.27 if your mailing is not sorted. The rates vary according to quantities and the number of addresses in a specific zip code.

Additionally, the Flex Disc is an eco-friendly alternative to a standard DVD-5. As corporations and organizations become more and more conscious of their impact on the environment, the Flex DVD is clearly a significantly more “green” DVD replication alternative for these same companies to consider. CD Digital Card’s mastering and replication technology uses one half the polycarbonate and chemicals that a standard DVD-5 replication process normally uses. Over time, the benefits to the environment from a pollution and recycling standpoint are truly significant factors. We also have green options available on the paper stock for the Flex Media Mailer to make this completely cost effective and eco-friendly to get your message to your clients and audience.

Enhanced Carrier Routes: This mailing is used for heavy saturation to a specific area where the mailman will be delivering to at least 7 or more addresses on their route. The address must meet quality and coding standards which CD Digital Card can provide.

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