Newest Version of Free EIN Newsfeed Maker is Now Available
Customizable Content Gives Users the Ultimate News Resource for Their Sites

WASHINGTON, April 28 — /EIN NEWS/ EIN News is proud to announce that the latest version of its innovative news delivery software for websites, blogs, intranet portals, Internet-enabled mobile phones and more, EIN Newsfeed Maker, is available for free at

The new 2.2 upgrades focus on even more customization of both the news content that users want to feature on their sites and formatting options to help seamlessly integrate the feeds onto those sites.

“EIN Newsfeed Maker is the ultimate news tool for webmasters, whether you want to draw traffic to your blog, corporate or government website,” said David Rothstein, Chief Executive Officer of the IPD Group, the team behind EIN Newsfeed Maker. “Unlike other newsfeed products on the market, ours gives you unlimited use of EIN Newsfeed Maker, no matter what your purpose, and delivers the highest-quality content compiled by our EIN News team.”

EIN Newsfeed Maker draws from more than 5,000 news websites, yielding more than 75,000 articles updated to EIN Newsfeed Maker 24 hours a day. Thanks to EIN News’s proprietary news-indexing technology, users not only have a wealth of news to choose from for their site, they can also customize by keyword the news they want to appear on their sites.

In addition to the free, ad-supported version of EIN Newsfeed Maker, the Professional and Enterprise versions of EIN Newsfeed Maker are also available. Professional and Enterprise versions feature advanced archive access and support from the technical and editorial teams. Plus, the newsfeeds can be completely customized to fill an organization’s specific needs.

Whether users want to attract more visitors to a website or simply monitor the news that is relevant to their business, they can count on EIN Newsfeed Maker to be the ultimate source for information that matters.
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