Modernizing Healthcare Through Electronic Medical Records


Philadelphia, PA – May 1, 2009 — According to an earlier report by “President Barack Obama, as part of the effort to revive the economy, has proposed a massive effort to modernize health care by making all health records standardized and electronic.” The audacious plan, as reported by indicates that although the plan “sounds good but it won’t be easy.” Some of the hurdles, according to the report state that – only about 8% of the nation’s 5,000 hospitals and 17% of its 800,000 physicians currently use the kind of common computerized record-keeping systems that Obama envisions for the whole nation. And some experts say that serious concerns about patient privacy must be addressed first.”

In another report, ABC 7 News of Denver Colorado echoed some of the critic’s sentiment by saying that “Electronic Medical Record (is) not ready for prime time.”

The good news is here. ClinicTools, Inc. is not only responding to the call of President Obama with regard to making Electronic Medical Record readily available. ClinicTools, Inc. is making sure that a solid EMR platform is built to assist healthcare providers, regardless of experience and training to easily move into Electronic Medical Record of the future. ClinicTools(R) EMR clearly protect sensitive patient health information (PHI) while providing easy access, faster treatment and a better coordination of care among healthcare professionals. ClinicTools(R) is available anywhere there is Internet access and it provides a solid bullet proof guard against any kind of natural disaster such as fire, flood, etc.

ClinicTools(R) is both an Electronic Medical Record (EMR), patient appointment scheduling system, treatment development platform, Employee time management system, and a communication medium exclusively for healthcare providers.

It is now easier for healthcare providers to:

1. Collect or review patient health information (PHI) anywhere and at any time

2. Establish procedures necessary and required for excellent patient treatment

3. Schedule patient appointment

4. Manage employee time

5. Communicate with other healthcare providers

6. Bill for services rendered

ClinicTools(R) makes it easier for Quality Control staff, or any member of the management team to review patient charts to be sure they are in compliance with applicable company’s policies and procedures, or regulatory agencies rules and regulations.

Within ClinicTools(R), patients can easily find out if they have appointment scheduled to see a clinician or not. All a patient need to do is logon to enter his or her Patient ID or Social Security Number and the system would let the patient know if appointment is scheduled for that patient or not.

ClinicTools(R) provides ongoing training for Clinicians in how to properly document patient’s problems and also in the principles of diagnosis with emphasis on psycho-diagnosis. It also covers how to properly evaluate signs and symptoms to be sure nothing is overlooked. ClinicTools(R) is designed to search patient information to alert Physicians of any possible complication(s) likely to arise from the current medication looking at medication(s) ever taken by the patient. Electronic Medical Record of the future is here and it is 100% HIPAA compliant.

ClinicTools(R) is developed in its entirety by Dr. Henry I. Balogun. Logon to: to learn more. You can also call (215) 294-6790 or send e-mail to: [email protected]