Passaic county prosecutors office commit federal crimes in order to convict an innocent man!! Evidence can be found at . Prosecutor hides womans FAILED polygraph, Suborns perjury and alters the court transcripts!!! As a result of these actions David Laconti is not only in jail for a crime he didn’t commit, but a crime he was never charged with!! there was no evidence, the alleged crime took place in a video taped room, No video, DNA, No witnesses, Not even a police report was filed!! The passaic county prosecutors office did what ever it took to get there win,Even if it ment committing federal crimes!! this has been going on for a long time and has to stop!! knowledge is power look at what is going on because this can happen to anyone!! The Passaic county prosecutors office will prosecute a person with no evidence needed, Regardless of the lives they destroy!! People are coming forward with other crimes being committed by the passaic county prosecutors office!!! Keep posted more to come 😉