Hamilton County woman recovers $12 million jury verdict in med malpractice suit.

Chattanooga, TN(JusticeNewsFlash.com)–Medical malpractice attorneys for a 33 year-old woman, Kristen Freeman, who suffered permanent disability and brain damage, after undergoing a routine colonoscopy and endoscopy surgical procedure, recovered a $12 million jury verdict last Friday. As reported by the Chattanooga Times Free Press, the judgement found the doctor 51% percent at fault for the catastrophic injuries and damages caused by medical negligence.

Medical malpractice lawyers for Kristen Freeman, who argued in court before the judge and jury, claimed after the routine endoscopic out patient procedures on April 27, 2006, Freeman began experiencing extreme pain and vomiting. She called Dr. Michael Goodman, a gastroenterologist who performed the endoscopy and colonoscopy, and was prescribed anti-vomiting medication. The next morning she phoned Dr. Goodman’s office again complaining of her severe symptoms and was told to go to Erlanger for X-rays. The attorneys stated when Freeman arrived at Erlanger she was unable to stand.

Dr. Goodman perforated Freeman’s small intestine during the endoscopy the day before. Freeman suffered cardiac arrest from the injury she sustained during the surgical procedure by Dr. Goodman, which left her permanently brain damaged and disabled for life. Uncontrollable vomiting and severe pain are symptoms of a perforated intestine, the most dangerous complication of endoscopic medical procedures.

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