Dallas 18 wheeler accident attorney-Amy K-urges drivers to be aware of big rig trucks.

Dallas, TX(JusticeNewsFlash.com)–As reported by KDFW Fox 4 news covering Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, a pickup truck driver cut off an 18-wheeler on westbound I-30 last Friday, and caused the semi-truck crash. The erratic pickup truck driver, who caused the tractor-trailer wreck fled the highway crash scene. The semi-truck driver was transported by Dallas County emergency medical personnel (EMS) to an area hospital for treatment of his serious injuries.

The reckless pickup truck driver caused the 18-wheeler to vere off the road, cross an exit ramp, and crash into an I-30 highway overpass at Industrial Blvd., which is one of Dallas’ busiest roadway intersections. Texas roadways and highways are highly traveled by 18-wheelers. Highway motorists need to understand, a semi-truck cannot stop as quickly as other motor vehicles, like cars, pickup trucks, and SUVs. Dallas drivers are urged to give semi-truck drivers space on the road, specifically when changing lanes. The Dallas Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate the Dallas18-wheeler accident and are searching for the pickup truck driver.

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