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DEL VALLE, TX – May 6, 2009 — has just been launched, offering abundance in the form of a unusual stone, the H.O.P.e Stone. The H.O.P.e Stone, which is an acronym for Horn Of Plenty is actually an ancient ram’s horn oyster fossil believed to be over 100 million years old. It is aptly named due to its uncanny resemblance to the Horn of Plenty or Cornucopia, which are symbols for prosperity, abundance, and wealth.
The site informs us that, before these oysters were fossilized, they could take a grain of sand and transform them into beautiful precious pearls. Apparently, the same idea can be true for all of us by transforming our H.O.P.e for abundance and wealth into real tangible results.

“The H.O.P.e Stone is an interesting tool that can nurture our seed of faith, remind us of the rewards of giving and help us to keep our thoughts of true abundance constant and focused. It’s ‘magic’ is within all of us! “

~Martin Fry, Founder of Horn Of Plenty Enterprises

Does it work? Mr. Calvin Jenkins, Construction Superintendant from Cedar Creek, Texas, thinks so. Just a day after he was given a H.O.P.e Stone by a friend, Mr. Jenkins received a call that he had won the grand door prize from an event for an all-expense paid, round trip to Las Vegas. He was so excited that he bought a H.O.P.e Stone for his wife. Now the two plan to bring their “lucky” H.O.P.e Stones with them to Vegas. is not all about receiving; it talks about giving as well. They believe that when you give you get, and that giving is a key component in wealth & prosperity, which is why the people at are taking 20% of sales and making charitable contributions to various worthy causes.

So, if it’s H.O.P.e that you seek, you can find it at The H.O.P.e Stone comes in three sizes and range from $15 to $25. Each stone comes in a beautiful, All-American made, embroidered suede pouch and they make for unique gift ideas. Plus, a jewelry section is being added to the site soon.

For more information contact:
Horn of Plenty Enterprises
PO Box 481
Del Valle, TX.,78617
Martin Fry
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