Florida Accounting Solutions creates unique customized packages for QuickBooks – outsourcing financial needs.

Boca Raton, FL – May 11, 2009 – Florida Accounting Solutions announces its monthly rates for packages that are more efficient than ever. Our monthly service packages are a cost-effective and professional solution to outsourcing all accounting and bookkeeping management tasks for small businesses. Our packages starting as low as $125 a month includes the works from FAScorp, this deal breaker ends up saving our clients business 25%- 50% guaranteed. Our website www.fascorp.net describes the hosting technology used to deliver the service to clients’ desktops virtually. Plus, how the easy to use system properly accounts for all small business finances by utilizing the industry’s top financial software; QuickBooks.

FAScorp (Florida Accounting Solutions) clients have the ability to access their books at anytime, from anywhere for real-time control and usability. A sales rep for FAScorp, Melissa Marosch states, “Outsourcing financial needs gives our entrepreneurial clients the freedom and time needed to obtain future growth, with in mind the ease of all their finances in expert hands, which is only FAScorp. As many of our clients are on the move, we provide a customized package that caters to their business’ demands.”

To guarantee quality for all clients, the financial team is led by their QuickBooks Pro Advisor/ Senior Accountant with over 15 years experience handling books from the thousands well into the millions. “Implementing and properly maintaining this task for our clients at a fraction of the cost compared to our closest competitor, is what gives my clients the reliability, security and affordability they need to take advantage of their market and reach their goals,” said Maria Moller, Senior Accountant at Florida Accounting Solutions. Whether a small or mid-size business, Florida Accounting Solutions will have your books caught-up and regularly managed to relieve some of the everyday stresses and prepare your business for a successful financial future.

About Florida Accounting Solutions

Florida Accounting Solutions is a cost-effective, reliable and professional solution to outsource all bookkeeping, accounting and tax needs. Delivering clients their completed records by using QuickBooks hosting technology, offers the security of daily back-ups, reliability of 24/7 on-demand access and ability to use the fully functional QuickBooks Pro Accountant 2008 which has more available features than the Online Edition. Specializing in QuickBooks catch-up, optimization and reconciliations, Florida Accounting Solutions will support your small or medium-sized business at the affordable rate you need with friendly customer service you deserve.

Reasons to outsource your financial activities:

1. Save your business time and money by eliminating the hiring and training process and the need to house and manage personnel.

2. Most outsourcing companies don’t require you to purchase any hardware or software; only the rights to use the software.

3. There is no need to understand the in’s and out’s of the software or any deep understanding of accounting and finance. Just a friendly, professional to explain the information pertinent to you.

4. Eliminates the hassles of issues with our Microsoft Certified System Administrator to quickly fix your problem.

Media contact: Melissa Marosch, 1-888-852-9502.

For more information about FASCorp’s services contact: outsourcing your accounting or bookkeeping needs, visit our website www.fascorp.net or contact a representative toll free at 1-888-852-9502, by email: [email protected]