Scandal in Austria: ex-ambassador of Kazakhstan imprisoned his father

/EIN News/ The scandal around the former Kazakh secret police deputy chief and ex-ambassador in Viena Rakhat Aliyev, who was given refuge in Austria, is unfolding.

As Russian, German and Kazakh media reports, Rakhat Aliyev’s father, a well-known Kazakh surgeon Mukhtar Aliyev escaped from his son’s mansion and found shelter in the embassy of Kazakhstan. He claimed that his son had detained him in Austria by force.

On May 6, Mukhtar Aliyev published his official statement: “I, Aliyev Mukhtar, a member of the National Academy of Science, national hero of Kazakhstan, twice a laureate of state prize, was staying in Vienna for about a year in relation with my heart disease. Since October 2008 I tried to come back home to Almaty, but my son, Rakhat Aliyev hindered my departure in every possible way. He took away my passport, my credit card, telephone, cash in the amount of 5 thousand euro, cellphone, two suits, a suitcase and two bags. I tried to settle the issue of my departure peacefully, but all in vain. Since October I went on hunger-strike 7 times. Two weeks ago I turned to the municipal police department with written application, but got no favorable decision! I decided to run away”.
According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan, Mukhtar Aliyev told that on the 4th of May at 4 a.m., he escaped, evading guards. He got over the fence of the mansion where he was kept and managed to reach the embassy.

For already two years the Kazakhstan authorities have been demanding to extradite Rakhat Aliev, the former Major-General of the National Security Committee, for in his motherland he is accused in several grave crimes including kidnapping, murders and coup preparation. Austrian legal authorities in their turn deny extradition of Aliyev. Austria gave Rakhat Aliyev residence permit, without discussing degree of his culpability, explaining that they couldn’t trust the judicial authorities of Kazakhstan and couldn’t expect objectiveness from them.

Armangul Kapasheva, the wife of one of Rakhat Aliyev’s victims, came to Austria on the 28th of January and gave testimony in the Office of Public Prosecutor of Vienna that her husband, Zholdas Timraliyev, a top-manager of one of the largest banks in Kazakhstan, had been kidnapped by Aliyev’s assistants. Kapasheva and members of the “Tagdyr” (the Kazakh for “Fate”) a public fund founded by her set a goal to place Rakhat Aliyev on the dock, published an open letter on the web-site of this fund – – where they urge to “judge Aliyev according to the Austrian law” once Austria denies his extradition to Kazakhstan.