TemplateMonster Launches Mobile Templates

Brooklyn, New York, May 8, 2009 /PRAvenueNW/ — TemplateMonster.com, the largest provider of professional templates on the Internet, is launching new product type called mobile templates. Market of mobile devices that are capable of accessing the Internet is constantly growing. In order to contribute to this development TemplateMonster has developed mobile templates that allow mobile browsers show web-pages in a more comfortable manner.

Portable Devices have very specific demands for the content and representation of information on the Internet. Therefore, mobile templates from TemplateMonster are designed with a number of particular qualities.

Most significant among them are the size of mobile templates and their layout. In order to provide the most comfortable experience of browsing the Internet mobile templates are several times lighter than usual templates. This allows much faster upload of content to the visitor’s device. At the same time they are arranged in a way to look perfectly on small screens of mobile devices: instead of the desktop layout (usual for ordinary websites) mobile templates are arranged vertically.

“The number of users that access the Internet from their pocket devices has grown more than twice during the period from January 2008 to January 2009”, says David Braun, the CEO of Template Monster. “We have found it necessary to provide our clients with the easy solution to enhance their sites with mobile versions. With this in mind we have developed mobile templates that combine our traditional quality and style with the specific requirements for mobile browsers. Additionally, our mobile templates are supported by the most widespread mobile platforms such as Windows Mobile, Blackberry, iPhone, Palm and Symbian OS.”

Over 85% of mobile phone users are accessing mobile websites, while roughly 84% of them expect the website they are visiting to have a dedicated mobile version for easy browsing. More and more producers offer mobile internet access in their devices. This creates a steady-growing demand for the development of mobile segment of the World Wide Web.

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