Latina Jewelry Designer Paves a Road of Success

HOUSTON, TX – May 13, 2009 — Latina jewelry designer, Yanni Ortega, has paved a path of success for her family in Houston. For the past 12 years, she has dreamed big. With the launch of a new jewelry website, her dreams are coming true.

Twelve years ago, Yanni followed her sister Zulima from El Salvador to start a better life. Their family’s fashion design business in El Salvador had been robbed and forced to close. Zulima knew America was where her sister’s talent would be noticed.

A designer of all sorts, Yanni has spent her time in the U.S. pursuing her love of jewelry design. It has not always been easy. When circumstances are difficult she remembers the words of her loyal customers “Yanni, don’t worry. Just keep going. Keep going.”

Yanni’s business instincts surfaced in her childhood. At age seven, she set up candy shops at school. When her teachers told her to stop, she turned to selling ice cream sandwiches. Yanni’s mother gave her blessing to move to America because she recognized her talent and knew she would one day be successful.

Yanni and Zulima have worked hard together to make their new life in the U.S. a success. They are more than just sisters; they are a team. Along with their jewelry venture, both women work at a local dry cleaner. When they are not busy cleaning clothes or doing alterations, their customers plead for them to showcase their newest jewelry designs.

The audience for Yanni’s creations is about to swell. She has gone from being a talented but little-known designer to having her designs featured by a new company, The Jewelry Drawer, LLC. Her designs can be seen on their website:

About The Jewelry Drawer, LLC

Founded with an eye toward design, a passion for jewelry, and respect for our clientele, The Jewelry Drawer showcases custom, handcrafted gemstone jewelry. Our chic jewelry collection offers sophistication, elegance, and an element of charm.

The Jewelry Drawer is dedicated to showcasing beautiful and unique handcrafted jewelry. Each piece is handmade with pride and comes with a guarantee of customer satisfaction. Most necklaces are available in 16, 18 and 20 inch lengths.

Customers of The Jewelry Drawer can rest assured that the jewelry was crafted with stones of the highest quality and with passion and love for the art of jewelry making.

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