TestSoft Inc. Releases Explicore Continuous Improvement Software

Spring Hill, FL, May 15, 2009 – TestSoft Inc. today announced the release of Explicore, the latest version of its software for evaluating and monitoring process, product, and system health at www.testsoftinc.com. Explicore is a data analysis scorecard utility used to tackle statistical data analysis at the heart of Six Sigma. It quickly captures, characterizes, and analyzes all test data (parameters) to help identify those areas in need of improvement.

Explicore has many features, including:

• Efficiently captures, characterizes, and analyzes data

• Harvests a vast amount of data automatically (within minutes) to yield immediate results

• Effectively and consistently evaluates process, product, and system health

• Rapidly determines which parameter(s) require improvement

• Saves precious resource time and money – ultimately helps reduce the total cost of ownership

• Improves the window of opportunity for product release

TestSoft Inc. has gathered customer feedback to ensure the capabilities in Explicore help solve real-world challenges.” If you are involved in quality, you will understand that Explicore will enable you to identify issues very quickly and effectively”, says Lee Brown, TestSoft’s President.

Explicore makes it easy to capture, characterize, and analyze data during the product design phase, the manufacturing process, or when a fielded product is returned.

Explicore provides essential “soft” tools to evaluate all test data or data that is within the design specifications. It includes the ability to evaluate a particular revision level or evaluate the overall product.

Companies put a tremendous number of resources into quality improvement and Explicore will help them maximize the benefits of their investment. By making it easier to manage in a Six Sigma environment, Explicore allows companies to focus on what matters most – delivering results.

FOR MORE INFORMATION or materials, including screen shots, logos and other graphics, contact Lee Brown or visit www.testsoftinc.com.

About TestSoft Inc.:

TestSoft Inc. is a developer of automated statistical and continuous improvement software. Explicore is backed by outstanding services including training, data capture development, and free technical support.

TestSoft Inc. is a corporation established in Spring Hill, Florida with its principal place of business located in Phoenix, Arizona.


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TestSoft Inc.

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