SMi’s second annual Energy from Waste conference will be a showcase of presentations from the unchallenged leading technology providers, financiers and project developers in this rapidly growing sector.

/EIN News/ The potential for Energy from Waste as a key tool in managing growing landfill sites, securing our energy supply and building a sustainable energy infrastructure is finally being acknowledged by government and industry. This two day conference will tackle the inevitable social, technological and economic factors of the sector and will highlight the opportunities available.

With key speakers from DEFRA, Veolia Environmental Services, Energos, Schmack Biogas AG, Environment Agency, NIBC Bank, Kenya Electricity Generating Company and the Bank of Ireland touching on issues such as Global trends and growth prospects for the waste to energy industry, Project funding issues, Delivering waste infrastructure in a risk averse market, Satisfying the skills needs, Development update on international Energy from Waste projects and Value Proposition of Waste-to-Energy plants in Africa this is event is a must attend for the sector.

This is an essential conference for all Heads of Waste and Waste Infrastructure, Waste Management Programme Directors and Chief Finance and Operating Officers involved in developing Energy from Waste projects in 2009.



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