IDAHO – May 22, — This Memorial Day stone cleaning professional Kendrick Lester is promoting what he calls “privileged knowledge” that will teach anyone how to inexpensively clean and restore shine to their family’s cemetery headstones.

He explains on his website that as time goes by all tombstones become worn and faded under a build up of hard water, dirt and debris, or lichens and mold. “Sadly most people feel they have to grit their teeth and pay a monument company hundreds of dollars for a basic cleaning of their loved ones headstone” He says, “But I can teach anyone how to confidently clean any stone for pennies on the dollar.” Lester who began specializing in headstone cleaning five years ago when finding his own family stones in poor shape, offers through his website a complete headstone cleaning guide. His guide details information on how to identify different types of commonly used gravestones, supply lists, as well as proper cleaning methods for granite, marble, limestone and metal monuments. He also explains to his readers how to start and streamline a business offering headstone cleaning services in their local area. “There is a huge demand for this information and service, thousands of people are looking to do more than just leave flowers, they want their loved ones monument to shine but often are left disappointed with a dirty and dull monument.” Since his simple websites debut people from North America to Western Europe have been successfully cleaning their own stones or starting a local business themselves. “A lot of excited people have been reporting back to me with good news even in this economy; the demand is there along with money to be made.” Lester says he enjoys getting these reports and is glad to help those looking for an economical way to keep their family graves in great shape. He hopes the website will get the information out this Memorial Day so that family and friends can do more than simply leave flowers on their family graves.

About Kendrick Lester’s www.HeadstoneCleaning.Info

In 2004 Kendrick Lester began working with cemetery headstones after finding so many family stones dirty and dull. He began at that point learning everything he could on the best methods for each type of metal or stone monument and got to work in his local area.

After having countless people come up to him when working on a stone and ask for advice, he turned it into a business. In 2008 he put his five years experience onto paper compiling what is now his headstone cleaning guide. Noticing the lack of this information on the web and services in general; he started for online distribution of the guide.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact Kendrick Lester by email [email protected] or 208-284-7533. WEBSITE: www.HeadstoneCleaning.Info.