Ancient Fossil fuels abundance for today’s diminished economy.

DEL VALLE, TX., May 26, 2009 – A 105 million year old fossil may provide financial relief for humanity in spite of the present state of our economy. The people at have discovered well-preserved Ram’s Horn Oyster fossils that have brought good fortune to many, both then and now. The Ram’s Horn Oyster has been found to possess an uncanny resemblance to the Cornucopia or Horn Of Plenty (H.O.P.e), which are symbols for abundance, prosperity, and wealth.

“Symbolic representations have long been known to fortify humanity’s collective consciousness for unification towards a common belief, purpose or goal,” states Martin Fry, Fossil Artist and Founder of Horn Of Plenty Enterprises

When these oysters once thrived they were true community builders, givers and supporters of other sea-life, as well as their surrounding environment. Not only did they strongly bond together to build their family communities, but they provided a valuable food source for various creatures of both land and sea. They sheltered ‘homeless’ organisms like small fish and crabs, filtered the seawater and protected the bay shores.

The Oyster could also transform a tiny grain of sand lodged in their shell into a beautiful and precious pearl and it is this symbolic significance that can help transform our own H.O.P.e for abundance and wealth into real tangible results.

“The H.O.P.e Stone is an interesting tool that can nurture our seed of faith, remind us of the rewards of giving and help us to keep our thoughts focused on true abundance. “ – Martin Fry

Does it work? Mr. Calvin Jenkins, Construction Superintendant from Cedar Creek, Texas, thinks so. Just a day after he was given a H.O.P.e Stone by a friend, Mr. Jenkins received a call that he had won the grand door prize from a statewide event for an all-expense paid, round trip to Las Vegas. He was so excited that he bought a H.O.P.e Stone for his wife. Now the two plan to bring their “lucky” H.O.P.e Stones with them to Vegas. believes that when you give you receive, and that giving is a key component in wealth & prosperity. So much so that they are donating 20 % of their sales to various charitable causes.

They offer the H.O.P.e stone fossils in a range of sizes and have sold them around the world.

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