Green Breaking News … Blessing Electric Goes PV Solar!

What exactly is PV Solar? Photovoltaic, or PV, are electrical devices that convert light into electricity…

Lansdowne, PA. – June 1, 2009 /PRAvenueNW/ — After 29 years of watching utility bills increase at the expense of their clients, Blessing Electric decided to help reduce the long term cost of their clients by becoming a PV Solar Installer. “This is another way we can help in the worldwide approach to go GREEN!” – stated Curtis Blessing, Licensed Master Electrician and President of Blessing Electric

Blessing is determined to help his customers reduce the cost of their utility bills over time by installing PV Solar systems for them.

Curtis Blessing is a recent graduate of “Boots on the Roof”, of Freemont, CA. The extensive training provided him with the knowledge to properly install and design a PV solar system which will meet the needs of residential and commercial properties.

What exactly is PV Solar? Photovoltaic, or PV, are electrical devices that convert light into electricity. The light can be from any source. As long as the light is the right color some electricity will be produced from a solar cell. The more intense the light, the more electricity is produced. Each cell produces only a small amount of power, but when the cells are hooked together in larger configurations. The total energy output over a day, month or year can be quite substantial

The photovoltaic effect was first recognized by Edmund Bacquerel, in France, in 1839. Scientists made solar cells of selenium in the 1880’s. The modern PV technologies were developed at Bell Labs and RCA Labs in the mid 1950’s. Early on, they were used for satellites, space ships, solar calculators and electronic watches. PV has been powering ‘off-grid’ homes for nearly 20 years, and has more recently been powering ‘grid-tied’ homes for nearly 10 years.

Blessing says his most frequently ask questions are “How long will the solar panels (modules) last?” and “What is my ROI?” (return on investment). Most solar modules have a 20-25 year output warranty, but should last even longer since there are no moving parts. Experience shows most system problems occur because they have not been installed properly. It is important to routinely observe the general performance of the PV system in order to maximize its production. The average payback period is around 10 years. The return on investment is between 5% & 10%.

Blessing states, “Blessing Electric is ready to bring the future of Solar Power to the public. We’ve formed alliances with the top solar component distributors to bring new and existing clients the best prices in the industry. By ‘Going Solar’, our customers receive a great return on their investment and also live a greener lifestyle; not to mention the savings on their electric bill!”

Blessing goes on to emphasizes, “I will personally come to your location anywhere in PA, NJ or DE and provide a price to design/build and install your PV Solar system. This price will include an extensive analysis and ROI (return on investment).” “I will be the one you meet and have direct contact with.” Blessing continues to say “although I have trained and talented employees who will be also a part of your project, you will always have direct contact with me.”

As many people know, the State and Federal Government will help pay for a good portion of the installation cost, but there will be a time limit.

Blessing encourages his clients, both residential and commercial to ‘Go Solar’ and benefit from the power of the sun. He states, “Going Solar, throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey is one of our top priorities. With Blessing Electric’s team of talented employees, experience, along with the qualifications to design/ build and meet all specifications required per project, this company is on the right path, the solar path.”

For more information contact: Blessing Electric 26 First Street Lansdowne, PA 19050, (610) 394-2211 (610) 394-2240 Fax,, [email protected]