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May 28, 2009 – A website for an individual, small business, law firm, nonprofit organization, or other entity seeking to reach a mass audience online is more than a simple tool for communication. It is often a make or break feature that determines whether a prospective customer or client chooses to pursue a professional relationship with a chosen entity. When constructing a website, it is vital to be able to almost instantaneously communicate to prospects that what a company has to offer is relevant for their needs. Dallas website design and search engine optimization company, One SEO Company, is seeking to educate all who will listen on the 10 commandments for constructing the most important aspect of virtually any website: the copy.

The Shalls and Shall Nots of Content Writing and SEO

Optimizing content both to be placed more quickly in front of a target audience through a top search engine and be well interpreted for that audience means speaking the language of whomever one is trying to reach. Steps to follow to ensure that one does so can be achieved by doing the following:

* Snag Them with The Headline – The headline is deemed the most important feature for getting the attention of site visitors. Their prominent display not only acts as important visuals, but also helps let users know whether the content that follows is worth their time.
* Paint a Good Mental Picture – The most persuasive copy allows readers to see themselves in what is being said. That is, they can identify with some aspect of the story or offering.
* Choose Your Words – Too many words is never a good thing. Keep the message as too the point as possible, or offer additional links to more in depth or detailed writing on a topic for those left wanting more.
* Be Able to Answer “Do You Have What I’m Looking For?” In the Affirmative – Prospective clients or customers need to know that you can deliver on providing them with the product or services relevant for their needs. Remember, they came to you for a reason, not just to chat.
* Be “Customer-Centered” Not Self-Centered – Prospective clients can appreciate your talent, skill, and all you have to offer, but presenting these qualities in what may be interpreted as bragging tends to take the focus off of your understanding of their needs.
* Hyperlinks Matter Too – Making a call to action with hyperlinks, or placing important keywords within these items can go a long way in your overall sell.
* Don’t Be Passive – Verbs used to help persuade readers to act are more effective in active voice.
* Reformat – It may be necessary to reformat copy for better online readability, due to the tendency of many readers to skim page content for information they find relevant.
* Check Your Wording Everywhere on the Site – Wording must appear professional, easy to understand, and relevant to the reader in every area of a website including in video, design, audio, images, and other places.
* Evaluate Your Final Product – It is a good idea to make a checklist of goals you want your website and content to achieve, or guidelines to follow that can be used as a checklist for review upon product completion. Good points to focus on include, whether the reader will find value in what you have said. Remember, there is always room for improvement.

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