Steve Kaufman – ‘The former assistant to Andy Warhol’ has printed a very rare art book.

New York, NY – June 23, 2009

This large coffee table book contains his recent paintings, full bio, many photos and quotes from some of his clients.

Quotes from the book

“They say that art comes from the soul, the more drama in an artist’s life the more he can drawn on for his art. Van Gogh and Picasso had troubled souls, but poor Steve Kaufman has been shot once, stabbed 3 times – all by women – that is a lot of drama for great art.”
~Robin Leach

“The TV show “The Girl Next Door” has 76 paintings by Steve Kaufman through out the Playboy Mansion. The high-energy colors and fun images have brought a new life to my home.”
~ Hugh Hefner

“Andy Warhol never painted Frank Sinatra, so when Steve Kaufman contacted us, I told my father his p ortrait was going to be painted by Steve Kaufman, he was so happy.”
~ Tina Sinatra

“Wow, Kaufman you’re a f…..g giant.”
~ Bruce Willis

“I was told David Letterman and Kaufman had heart attacks on the same day; David Letterman’s heart attack was at a hospital in NYC, Kaufman’s heart attack was at the red light district in Amsterdam Holland. I think Kaufman had more fun.”
~ Howard Stern

“I have two of Kaufman’s Marilyn Monroe paintings; the first painting is in my living room, the second painting is over my bed. The second Kaufman’s Marilyn Monroe painting gets me more girls than my stripper pole.”
~ Kid Rock

Every year Steve Kaufman supports the charity “Love Ride” by donating a painting to this cause.
~ Jay Leno

“I’ve collected Andy Warhol art for years now I have two portraits of myself done by Steve Kaufman.”
~ David Caruso

“Steve Kaufman gave me his coat; it’s proudly framed in my office.”
~ Pres. Bill Clinton

“The depth to his work is unbelievable, the millions of people he has touched thru his 911 memorial mural, there was a 9 hour wait to sign his 911 mural, that was at Caesar palace casino.”
~ Mayor Oscar Goodman-Las Vegas

“I was a good friend with Frank Sinatra, I heard Steve Kaufman painting his portrait, so I asked Steve to paint my portrait.”
~ Lee Iacocca

“I had a Marc Chagall screen door in my gallery that is worth $300,000 dollars. Steve Kaufman had a chance to view this Museum Art. One year later, Mr. Kaufman paints the greatest painting I have ever20seen on screen doors for my art gallery, a future Museum Art piece.”
~ Charles Saffati, Barrington Gallery of London- New York City

“If an artist is well known in life, he will become more famous in death, Van Gogh, Dali, Picasso, Warhol, and Lichtenstein never saw their art in auction houses commanding the high prices while their were alive. As an art collector with many millions of dollars in antiques over the last thirty years, I consider Steve Kaufman art work to be the most collectible and having possibility of appreciation of anything, included gold, jewelry, silver and other commodities that have risen dramatically in the last year and seen those same commodities drop in value in the past 5 months but Kaufman’s value has risen.”
~ Don Specter

“When my son was 11 years old, we met Pablo Picasso, he was asking me out to dinner in front of my son (Steve), Pablo was such a ladies man at that time. I was telling Pablo Picasso that my son is artist and he paints his friends faces on to broken car window shields, Pablo say “your one Kooky artist”, means crazy artist to my son.”
~ Ann Kaufman mother of Steve Kaufman

“I’ve collected Andy Warhol paintings from 1969 to 1977. Bought a Warhol’s “Marilyn Monroe” for $10,000 and later sold it for $5 Million dollars. I’m retired now, but I’ve bought 179 Steve Kaufman paintings for my grandkid’s future”
~ John Paul Loop, Art Collector.

“You could buy a Picasso today, but the secret was to buy a Picasso when Picasso was alive at a fraction of today’s prices… but you can still buy a Kaufman painting today very reasonably”
~ Leonard Lauren of Ralph Lauren / Polo clothes ~ Art Collector

“Welcome to the art world, new kid on the block.”
~ Robert Rauschenberg

“When I met Steve Kaufman, I thought he was Gene Simmons, but what an artist talent he is. He will be an art force in the art world to deal with.”
~ Roy Lichtenstein

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572 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10036,
Phone : 212 302-9546