Meeting the New California Water Restrictions Can be Less Challenging and Result in Big Water and Energy Savings

California – June 25, 2009 — Global Network Solutions, LLC has developed a new fully-automated means to cut showering times and water usage, providing users an effective way to save money on water and the energy used to heat that water. An added benefit to families with teens is the elimination of family hassles over showering times.

It is called the Shower Manager and here’s how it works: Using a magnetic sensor the head-of-household pre-programs one of three full-flow time settings, 5, 8 or 11 minutes. As the water is turned on, the bather will receive a full-flow of water (assume an 8-minute setting) for 8 minutes. At the 7-minute mark, the unit emits a beeping sound which alerts the bather that in 60 seconds the unit will cut water flow by 2/3. This cut or restricted flow leaves just enough to finish rinsing, but not enough to encourage continue showering.

A 5-minute reset interval prevents the user from overriding the system. The unit is microprocessor controlled, fits to existing showerheads, and installs in minutes. No special plumbing/ no electrical connections. It is powered by a small battery.

Water providers say that showering uses as much as 22% of the water consumed inside the home. A family of four can be washing down the drain hundreds of dollars annually with runaway showering. In many families, the unit can pay for itself in less than 12 months.

A quick way to calculate the potential savings is to visit:

The Shower Manager is an exclusive product of Global Network Solutions, Denver, Co and is sold only on the Internet at

For more information contact: Don Brunkhardt, Founder Shower Manager, 303-809-3758 [email protected]

As featured on Discovery Channel / Green Planet segment called Wa$ted.

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